May 17, 2019

I was awoken for my portion of the watch. I began to practice Identify while talking with Spooks. I paged through one of my prayer books and there was some notes about Vampires in there. Not much beyond the usual, death by daylight, not fans of garlic, must request entrance into a building.

As dawn breaks, we discuss our plans and clean our garmets. As any good day should begin, we started it out with breakfast! During Spook's rousing daily speech, I tried out my "Identify" spell on Spooks's gems and Jezebel's Scimitar. Jezebel's blade is a "Scimitar of Wounding", and Spooks had a few opals, and a soulstone. Spooks would be using a new natural state of one of the tiefling forms.

We made about some small shopping endevours, procuring a suite of keys from the magic shop, and a set of birght, colored robes. Myself, a yellow robe, Filber, a green robe, Jezebel a purple robe, Spooks, an indego robe, Ava, a blue robe, and Jeph a dragon infused red and orange robe.

Jacob led us across the bridge between worlds, down towards the hive. We made our way into a "friendly" courtyard after requesting we not enter in an alley, we promptly entered the alley as Filber detected the presense of dragons in the area. Filber noted a symbol on the wall, that appears to be a detection spell. Spooks promptly smashed it into a hundred pieces.

Jeph noted that there were three cloaked figures minding their buisness nearby a portal. Spooks stealthily approached the figures, but wasn't able to understand .

We left the twisting alleys of The Hive, and

soberith practic

Several critical charisma failure rolls later, Soberith breaks his beer bottle on Spooks's face.

Initiative Roll - 2 (last)

We drag the dragon out of the bar. Spooks began to speak to its mind, and he agrees to point us in the right direction.

Jacon leads us through the lower wards, the reality of the encounter ahead of us starts to set in. As we make our way down the streets of the lower ward, we came upon an unsettling hidden storefront.

Battle and kill Haymish Mayldin

I walked outside, defeated again that mercey was rewarded with betrayal and defeat. I knotched

We entered the trap door, and Filber discovered a hidden firebolt trap plank. Naturally, he clumsily shoots a firebolt directly at Spooks. After dodging

There was a portal at the end of the tunnel on the right. At the end of the left tunnel, a trap. At the end of the middle tunnel, an oaken door.

We made our way

Long Rest

Designed to be a thought that Mira could not arrive at, and one the Ora could. Mira used to be someone Ora followed, she tried to become a demigod. She was fighting to change her fate, which drew the attention of the lady. Fighting against mortality, and had achieved demigodhood. Losing that direction in Ora's life, took much adjusting. Every follower of Mira has met their demise... Curious, she was the one with the least to loose and was ultimately forgotten.

We dawned our awesome colors, and made a heroic stride into the allyway, and suddenly the world began to shift, and we entered into a sort of shadow version of Sigil... Filber and Spooks noted a special doorwa, which we promptly entered. It was a regal entrance


We come upon a prysmatic grove of black trees, and we see at the center what looks like a campfire. We approach, and there is a figure looking away from us (in a gray cloak). Filber approached and turned the creature. As he did, its eyes met with Filbers. She spoke, softly, and rose up to stand and speak with us. Her face at first seemed ancient, and wrinkled, but as she stood her image shifted in age as it her movements went through time itself.

"Are you Mira?" asked Spooks. "Yes, and what plane do you come from?". I interrupted, and confrimed we are from Illsenseen. Mira then declared herself a god, and used some strange magic to enlarge her body and turn her hair gray. A clever trick..

Mira told us a story that began with traders moving across the sea, where "Crane Island" was one of the first islands used by the traders... The pigs and cattle left behind ate all the greenery and were just used as a supply stop for sailors.

A god named "Loss" created life he didn't need at the moment, and would return to devour the life and gods, much like the traders that sailed between worlds.Avatars are left behind by the gods, to enact the will and power of the gods, the lady of winter is Amano's, for example. Mira confirmed that she had one follower left, Ora..

Long Rest

Initiative Roll - 9 (last)

The Citadel in the Cave